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IPFA http://www.ipfa.org International Project Finance Assocation Mon, 25 Sep 2017 10:18:01 +0100 en-US hourly 1 Africa Energy Forum 2017 – Highlights http://www.ipfa.org/news/africa-energy-forum-2017-highlights/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/africa-energy-forum-2017-highlights/#respond Thu, 31 Aug 2017 14:28:18 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9501 Continue Reading ]]> EnergyNet hosted the annual Africa Energy Forum (AEF) in Copenhagen from 7 – 9 June 2017, attracting over 2, 000 participants with 80 countries represented. ERM participated again as the Sustainability Partner of the event. The ERM – AEF Conference Highlights 2017 document details ERM’s general observations and insights from the AEF as well as the main points emerging from the ERM-led panel discussion.

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DZP advises Ministry of Development on a PPP project to building an Investor Service Centre in Krakow http://www.ipfa.org/news/dzp-advises-ministry-of-development-on-a-ppp-project-to-building-an-investor-service-centre-in-krakow/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/dzp-advises-ministry-of-development-on-a-ppp-project-to-building-an-investor-service-centre-in-krakow/#respond Wed, 02 Aug 2017 13:21:00 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9372 Continue Reading ]]> A consortium of DZP, Mott MacDonald and Crido Taxand are to provide the Ministry of Development and the City of Krakow with full-range legal, economic-financial and technical advice on the performance of a public-private partnership project to “Build, maintain and manage an Investor Service Centre (ISC) facility in Krakow. Capital expenditure on the project is over PLN 200 million and the expected contract term is 25 years. The private partner’s remuneration will take the form of availability payments, i.e. periodic payments from the City of Krakow’s budget linked with facility availability.

Construction of the ISC is a key investment carried out by a PPP in Krakow. The facility is a public building which will become the head office of the City of Krakow’s departments and offices participating in the investment process.

The project will be carried out by an inter-disciplinary team at DZP, headed by Marcin Krakowiak, Partner and Head of the Infrastructure & Energy Practice  and Magdalena Zab?ocka, Senior Associate and PPP specialist.

For more information, please contact:

Emilia Zakrzewska-Koszel
Infrastructure BD & Communication Specialist
E: emilia.zakrzewska-koszel@dzp.pl
T: +48 22 557 76 45

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DZP advises Ministry of Development on first PPP project in Poland to build and operate a tramway track http://www.ipfa.org/news/dzp-advises-ministry-of-development-on-first-ppp-project-in-poland-to-build-and-operate-a-tramway-track/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/dzp-advises-ministry-of-development-on-first-ppp-project-in-poland-to-build-and-operate-a-tramway-track/#respond Wed, 02 Aug 2017 13:18:48 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9370 Continue Reading ]]> Based on a contract signed today, a consortium of DZP, Mott MacDonald and Crido Taxand is to provide the Ministry of Development and the City of Krakow with full-range legal, economic, financial and technical advice, which will include preparing the legal structure for the first project in Poland to design, build and operate part of a tramway undertaking entitled “Krakow Fast Tramway – stage IV“.

The advice will include preparing the project structure (and analysing the possibility of using EU funding) and support in selecting a private partner and concluding the PPP contract. The capital expenditure on this project is over PLN 400 million.

At DZP the project will be handled by an inter-disciplinary team led by Marcin Krakowiak, Partner and Head of the Infrastructure & Energy Practice and Magdalena Zab?ocka, Senior Associate and specialist in PPP infrastructure projects.

For more information, please contact:

Emilia Zakrzewska-Koszel
Infrastructure BD & Communication Specialist
E: emilia.zakrzewska-koszel@dzp.pl
T: +48 22 557 76 45

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Inframation Group Report – Active Players in 1H17 http://www.ipfa.org/news/inframation-group-report-active-players-in-1h17/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/inframation-group-report-active-players-in-1h17/#respond Fri, 28 Jul 2017 09:52:08 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9339 Inframation Deals has released a regional, country and sector specific analysis of the project finance market’s most active players across advisory and financing in 1H17.

Notably the report also includes industry comment from key players on the state of their respective markets and how they see them evolving.

To view the report, please click here.

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Global Infrastructure Hub – Global Infrastructure Outlook Launch http://www.ipfa.org/news/global-infrastructure-hub-global-infrastructure-outlook-launch/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/global-infrastructure-hub-global-infrastructure-outlook-launch/#respond Tue, 25 Jul 2017 15:50:17 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9328 Continue Reading ]]> infraoutlook

The Global Infrastructure Hub’s new report and online tool, Global Infrastructure Outlook, forecasts infrastructure investment needs across 50 countries and 7 sectors to 2040.

Outlook forecasts:

  • Global investment needs of $94 trillion by 2040 – and $97 trillion including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for electricity and water.
  • We are on track to fall short by $15 trillion – or 16% – based on current spending. The global gap increases to $18 trillion when accounting for the SDGs.

Key findings include:

  • The greatest infrastructure needs are in Asia at $52 trillion.
  • The US has the largest forecast infrastructure investment gap of the 50 countries, at $3.8 trillion.
  • An extra $3.5 trillion is needed to meet Sustainable Development Goals for water, sanitation, and electricity.
  • The greatest infrastructure investment gap is in roads, followed closely by electricity.

A combined research project by the Global Infrastructure Hub and Oxford Economics, Outlook used seven bespoke econometric models to produce forecasts covering each of the 50 countries and 7 sectors.

These forecasts take into account past spending, countries’ specific economic and demographic characteristics, and quality of infrastructure.

Outlook can help governments across the globe identify and respond to infrastructure needs, and guide opportunities for private sector investors.

“This is an excellent report – it is the most clear, comprehensive document produced to date on this often debated topic. We now have the data we need to focus our discussions. Thank you for this!”
Matthew Jordan-Tank, Head of Infrastructure Policy and Project Preparation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

You can access the tool here or download the accompanying report.

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Norton Rose Fulbright – Infra Investment to future proof the UK housing market http://www.ipfa.org/news/norton-rose-fulbright-infra-investment-to-future-proof-the-uk-housing-market/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/norton-rose-fulbright-infra-investment-to-future-proof-the-uk-housing-market/#respond Thu, 13 Jul 2017 09:53:57 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9281 Continue Reading ]]> The Government announces a new capital grants scheme for UK infrastructure

Following the 4th July announcement by the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, local authorities in England are being asked to submit their proposals for access to the £2.3 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF). The HIF is not aimed at housing developments per se, but rather will make funding available to help provide the infrastructure required to support growing communities such as schools, healthcare centres, energy networks, utilities and digital and transport infrastructure.

By doing so, the intention is to relieve current pressure on public services which are deemed to be hindering the development of new housing.

Speaking in Birmingham at the Local Government Association Conference, the Communities Secretary announced that the HIF will help to fund vital physical infrastructure projects – like the building of roads, bridges, energy networks and other utilities, the absence of which he believes is holding back essential housing development.

Once proposals have been approved, it is expected that local authorities would begin building the necessary infrastructure immediately and for the homes to follow quickly afterwards.

HIF is a core component of the government’s wider £23 billion National Productivity Investment Fund, which targets spending on areas critical to boosting productivity. The Fund will sit alongside the new £1bn Major Road Network fund which will be made available for councils to improve or replace the most important A-roads in England. Like the HIF, the Government has been clear that the Major Road Network is one of its key strategies for unlocking housing development and delivering places people want to live.

Local Authorities are being encouraged to work with development partners to ensure that the proposals submitted for funding demonstrate that the project is ultimately deliverable. In the supporting documentation the private sector is urged to “do their share, make their financial contributions, and build out sites quickly”. Utility companies in particular are being advised that this presents an opportunity to help fund new infrastructure where and when it is needed, supporting the current position that existing bill payers are not asked to pay for future growth. In return, infrastructure providers will be expected to deliver the infrastructure in a timely manner, working in partnership with local authorities and developers so that new homes will be delivered where needed.

It is anticipated that most uptake from the HIF will be on a ‘Forward Funding’ basis with the Government stating that it will back a small number of larger strategic and high-impact infrastructure schemes (providing approximately £250 million funding for each). For these bigger projects it may be that the HIF provides first funding, which then gives the private sector confidence to provide further investment, and make more land available for development and future homes. Forward funding is available to the ‘Uppermost Tier’ of local authorities including the Greater London Authority and combined authorities, or several smaller local authorities working together to submit a joint proposal.

A Forward Funding scheme could support a development as large as a new garden city or town, an urban extension, or the development of a number of brownfield sites that will deliver a significant number of homes.

The Housing White Paper produced in February 2017 required each local authority to produce an up-to-date plan of its housing needs. Any bids to the HIF must demonstrate either:

that the proposal supports an existing development plan or spatial development strategy or a plan that has been submitted for examination; or
that the funding will unlock the release of otherwise undeliverable land which will speed up getting the housing plan in place.
Eligible applications will be assessed on whether the proposal takes a strategic approach, with strong local leadership and joint working to achieve higher levels of housing growth in the local area.

Schemes will be prioritised based on their impact against these criteria, with an emphasis on value for money. Eligible local authorities are invited to submit expressions of interest by 28 September 2017. Shortlisted projects will then go through a second stage assessment, with project delivery expected in 2020/21.

Norton Rose Fulbright is able to assist local authorities and their development partners with the legal aspects of the planning and delivery of HIF schemes.

In preparing proposals for funding from the HIF, local authorities and their development partners should consider:

  • The proposed structuring and delivery of any forward funding schemes. Our highly experienced finance teams are also able to advise on other innovative financing models.
  • The utilisation of land for the proposed infrastructure project, especially in light of the aim to release otherwise undeliverable land. Our real estate team has assembled sites for development that have been subject to numerous complex title issues and has played a key role in helping to unlock sites for development.
  • The interaction of the proposal with the existing local development plan or spatial development strategy. Our dedicated planning team is able to advise on the implications of the Housing White Paper and subsequently on the planning implications associated with any infrastructure scheme.

To view the original article, please visit Norton Rose Fulbright’s website.

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Adapt to win capital projects in Africa http://www.ipfa.org/news/adapt-to-win-capital-projects-in-africa/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/adapt-to-win-capital-projects-in-africa/#respond Fri, 07 Jul 2017 14:19:11 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9248 Continue Reading ]]> Wednesday 12 July 2017

17:30 – Registration and canapés

18:30 – Knowledge share

20:00 – Networking

Turner & Townsend Offices, One New Change, London EC4M 9AF

Whether you are an investor, financier, project developer, legal advisor, engineer, architect, or an international EPC contractor, if you are involved in, or looking to be involved in African infrastructure, real estate, oil & gas or mining projects, your potential for success will rely heavily on how well you partner with the local African industry to compete.

But do you know which countries have skilled and experienced project partners with capacity that you can tap into? And what is the best way to engage local companies to create the most competitive team and convert opportunities?

Turner & Townsend’s Africa team will be in London to share their knowledge gained from 35 years of project experience in Africa, giving insight into:

  • What is localisation and why is it becoming a competitive advantage for those that understand it?
  • How using local experts can reduce your project risk
  • Which African countries have strong, local skills in your field of expertise and in the sectors you target
  • Deal breakers for successful bid submissions for African projects
  • Practical examples of how international companies have used local team knowledge to their advantage, as well as examples of where they haven’t.

For a chance to hear from T&T’s Africa-based leaders, please register for the evening event.

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Netherlands Council Announcement http://www.ipfa.org/news/netherlands-council-announcement-10/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/netherlands-council-announcement-10/#respond Thu, 08 Jun 2017 10:39:17 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9172 We are pleased to announce that Daphne Broerse, Norton Rose Fulbright, is our new IPFA Netherlands Chair.

We look forward to working with Daphne as we plan further topical and engaging events for our members in the Netherlands.

For further details on our Netherlands activities, please contact Laura Cafora e: lcafora@ipfa.org

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IPFA Launches Japan Branch http://www.ipfa.org/news/ipfa-launches-japan-branch/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/ipfa-launches-japan-branch/#respond Thu, 25 May 2017 14:56:18 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9137 Continue Reading ]]> As part of our expansion of Asia in 2017, IPFA is delighted to announce the launch of its Japan Branch. IPFA Japan will consist of a dedicated pipeline of 3 events annually, taking place in Tokyo.

Our launch event will explore opportunities for investors and financiers in the Japanese Energy Market, and will be taking place on 15th June. For details, view the event listing.

Membership for organisations in Japan, for events within Japan, will be complimentary for 2017. All membership benefits, including attendance at Japan events, will be free of charge.

IPFA’s activities in Japan will be guided by our Branch Council:

  • Matt Bubb, Ashurst
  • Rebecca Green, Environmental Resources Management
  • Tomonori Miyagawa, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
  • Masanori Sato, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
  • Jun Ohashi, Macquarie Capital
  • Kenji Tagaya, JERA Co., Inc.
  • Isao Terasawa, Mott MacDonald

For more information, please visit our Japan Branch page or contact Rachel Allen.

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Global Infrastructure Hub – InfraCompass Launch http://www.ipfa.org/news/global-infrastructure-hub-infracompass/ http://www.ipfa.org/news/global-infrastructure-hub-infracompass/#respond Tue, 16 May 2017 13:48:55 +0000 http://www.ipfa.org/?p=9090 Continue Reading ]]> infracompass2

InfraCompass is a new online tool to guide governments and investors across the globe on creating the best conditions for infrastructure delivery.

Identifying the risks around an infrastructure project, particularly when operating in unfamiliar jurisdictions, can discourage new investment. In a world where there is too much capital chasing the same risk reward profile, investors and lenders are venturing into new territories in search of opportunities. The Global Infrastructure Hub’s new tool, InfraCompass, offers clear data on infrastructure markets across 49 countries, providing investors and lenders with key insights in risk.

InfraCompass is the first systematic audit of infrastructure data to pinpoint which policies unlock investment, produce quality projects, and deliver useful infrastructure. It brings a new level of transparency and consistency to infrastructure data.

The tool reviews country performance in the six most important elements driving successful infrastructure delivery: 

• Institutions and governance
• Regulatory and competition frameworks
• Permits, licences and land acquisitions
• Planning and selection
• Procurement
• Delivery and operations.

Key features of InfraCompass:

• Compares 49 countries
• Analyses country-specific data
• Pinpoints the practices that lead to strong infra markets
• Identifies priority reforms
• Easy to navigate platform
• Brings together key data in one location.

Key findings include: 

• The rule of law is the strongest driver of investment across economies.
• Developed nations with strong track records of delivery and trusted institutions remain the leaders in the delivery and operation of infrastructure assets.
• But emerging economies are catching up in terms of the quality of their infrastructure, with the list of top improvers over the past decade dominated by emerging countries.

“We in the World Bank Group are delighted to see the release of InfraCompass. We see it as a key resource for both policy makers and infrastructure investors.”
– Laurence Carter, Senior Director, World Bank Group.

You can access the tool here or download the accompanying report.

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