OD webinar | Data Gaps, Subjectivity and Decision-Making

February 3, 2020

On-demand webinar. Recorded on 30 January 2020.

Innovative ways to increase resilience.

Infrastructure asset managers, planners and investors are constantly making decisions about where to invest, how to increase cost efficiency or which direction to grow without compromising income, performance or security. This is typically done based on large amounts of data and trust in our analytical skills and judgement. On the other hand, the combination of technology and hyperconnectivity is fuelling complexity in ways that surpass our knowledge and skills as infrastructure professionals. With this landscape ahead of us, how can we gain a better understanding of the complex dynamics driving risk? How to identify the hidden vulnerabilities that might compromise the continuity of an infrastructure business? In this webinar we will discuss the different dimensions of systemic risk and present innovative approaches to dealing with complexity, subjectivity and uncertainty.


– Amanda Marcandali, Manager of Asset Management, Abertis

– Andy Douglas, CEO, Control Solutions

– Franz Vogt, Senior Project Manager, Munich RE

– Graham Winch, Professor, University of Manchester Alliance Business School

– Jose Cordovilla, Managing Partner, Solvere Infraestructuras

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