OD Webinar | East Africa Landscape

November 21, 2019

On-demand webinar. Recorded 20 November 2019

Navigating the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape for investors in East Africa’s energy sector

The last 12-18 months have seen significant developments in East Africa’s energy sector, including the commissioning of Africa’s largest wind farm (the 300MW Lake Turkana Wind Farm) as well as the promulgation of various policies, guidelines and statutory enactments across East Africa aimed at modernising legal and regulatory frameworks. Our panel of experts will gather to provide an on-the-ground perspective of recent developments and changes and assess how lessons learned (both by the public and private sector) are shaping risk-allocation for the development of future projects.

• Rizwan Fazal, Director, Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd
• Eric Mwangi, Strategic advisor to the Ministry of Energy
• Kwame Parker, Partner and Investment Director, Frontier Energy
• Aleem Tharani, Partner, Bowmans Ke

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