OD FLN workshop | Creating a Responsible Future – Sustainable Finance and ESG

September 10, 2020

Recorded on 9 September 2020.

We outline the core sustainability concepts that underpin ESG assessment: sustainability, climate change and environmental, social & governance (ESG) analysis.

You have the opportunity to learn:
– The fundamentals of climate science
– The basics of sustainability and how it interfaces with business & finance
– A practical way to assess an entity’s ESG profile and preparedness

Gain a deeper insight into the links between environmental and social systems and consider different theories of stakeholders, time horizon, and value generation.

-Michael Wilkins, Managing Director – Sustainable Finance, S&P Global Ratings
-Corinne Bendersky, ESG Director & Sustainable Finance Specialist, S&P Global Ratings

Tags: ESG | SustainableFinance | FLN | Workshop

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