OD webinar | How to Be Green and the Philosophy of New Beginnings in Germany

November 30, 2020

Recorded on 26 November 2020.

Our panel of experts discuss the late-breaking legislation around the idea of Green Finance, the impact of the Taxonomy Regulation and the current range of financial approaches and instruments on the global and especially on the German market to protect the environment and climate.

Discussion Points: 

– The Idea of Green Finance from an economic and political perspective
– Current development of market standards
– Current legislation situation, esp. Taxonomy
– Chances and problems of Green Finance
– Green Finance Sector in Germany – an outlook


– Andrea Schwaiger, BCLP (Moderator)

– Oliver Heiland, Allianz

– Carlos Terre’, Scope Ratings

– Thomas Pruem, BCLP

– Mathias Pahlke, NordLB

Tags: Germany, Europe, Green Finance, Taxonomy Regulation,

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