OD webinar | Merchant Power Risk in Australia

September 23, 2020

Recorded on 23 September 2020.

The Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) is one of the most volatile commodity markets in the world. It covers the eastern states of Australia, supplying approximately 200 TWh of electricity per annum and is facing a major transformation from coal-fired generation into renewables.

Hear our panel discuss market trends and present different perspectives from a range of market participants (consumers, generators, financiers) on price risk and risk management strategies in the context of a changing NEM.

Discussion points:

– What has industry learned about market prices since the closure of Hazelwood

– What is the outlook for market prices in the NEM (level, volatility)

– How the change from 30 to 5 min settlements may impact NEM pricing

– What will be impact of government intervention (e.g. network augmentations, Snowy 2.0, the establishment of REZs, battery and hydrogen trials)

– How energy users are taking the management of merchant price risk into their own hands


– Jomo Owusu, Director, Infrastructure Advisory, EY (Moderator)

– Sarah Lawley, Energy Risk Management Specialist, Independent

– Przemyslaw Luczynski, Associate Director, Strategy and Transactions, EY

– Jeff Nitsch, Senior Manager Origination, Acciona

– Matthew Stevens, First Vice President, Project Finance Origination, SMBC

Tags: Merchant Power | Australia | Energy | NEM

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