OD webinar | Powering an Energy Efficient Future

October 2, 2020

Recorded on 30 September 2020.

Energy efficiency has long been neglected when compared to energy supply. It may surprise people but it has provided more energy services than any other energy source over the last 30 years and yet the unrealised, cost-effective potential remains massive across all sectors. Interest in investing in efficiency has grown in recent years, with many banks and financial institutions making commitments to deploy more capital into efficiency. Yet progress remains slow due to a number of barriers including amongst others; small project size, difficulties in measuring results and uncertainties over outcomes.

This webinar explores the potential for investment into energy efficiency, the multiple benefits that come from improving energy efficiency and the barriers to investing but also examines some successful examples of scaling up efficiency from around the world.

– Dr. Steven Fawkes, Managing Partner, EnergyPro Ltd – Moderator
– Andy Holzhauser, Partner, Donovan Energy
– Murray Birt, Senior ESG Strategist, DWS
– Jessica Luk, Director, NYCEEC

Tags: Energy Transition | Energy Efficiency

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