Energy Transition Webinar Series

The global energy supply is in transition from traditional fossil fuels to low carbon and renewable sources. This shift needs to progress substantially if we are to meet climate goals, meaning that the energy industry is sure to face disruption over the next few decades. The movement towards renewables is only part of the evolution; the development of and investment into the infrastructure needed to enable the transition are just as important.

The webinar series will explore how this will shape future energy infrastructure assets and investment in the years to come.

EP 1 | Introduction to Renewables

Aimed at members of our Future Leaders Network, those newer to the sector, or those working in other areas of project finance but interested in learning more about this fast-growing area.

Ep 2 | The Revenue Stack – Subsidy Free Renewables & Corporate PPAs

We look at the key trends in the European renewables markets, including the role of declining construction costs, corporate PPAs and investor and developer attitude to merchant risk and how these fit into the evolving renewables business model.

EP 3 | Characteristics of Investable Hydrogen Projects

We explore the future role of hydrogen in the global energy transition and what is needed to help the finance flow and make the projects investable.

EP 4 | Global Offshore Wind Market

Offshore wind development is forecast to be amongst the top 5 global markets in the next 10 years. With the 2030 objective to fully decarbonise the power sector what opportunities and challenges does the industry face?

EP 5 | Investing Sustainably

The demands to pursue more socially responsible investment is becoming ever stronger as people look to the investment community to deliver on the movement to a more sustainable future. This webinar explores how infrastructure investors are reacting to these new demands under the current backdrop.

EP 6 | Innovation for Energy Storage

We explore how infrastructure investors are reacting to new demands to pursue more socially responsible investment as people look to the investment community to deliver on the movement to a more sustainable future under the current backdrop.

EP 7 | Bioenergy – A Natural Path to a Greener Future

We navigate the current bioenergy landscape and the role of the sector in reaching global decarbonisation targets and the regulatory framework required to further the growth and penetration of the sector.

EP 8 | Pathways to Decarbonisation

Hear about the role of the different energy carriers, such as electricity, hydrogen and solar fuels coming from different perspectives: science, a gas infrastructure company and the electricity system.

EP 9 | Powering an Energy Efficient Future

This webinar explores the potential for investment into energy efficiency, the multiple benefits that come from improving energy efficiency and the barriers to investing but also examines some successful examples of scaling up efficiency from around the world.

This webinar will take place on 30 September.

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