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4 October, 3pm registration

The last events in the Ukraine and the energy crisis deriving from it caused an even bigger growth of the significance of renewable energy sources on the Polish market.

During our event we will discuss further dynamic growth of the Polish renewable energy sources market and challenges it encounters. The growth of the significance of the PPAs as the dominant channel of RES sales is the future of the Polish market. Legal, commercial and technical issues of these agreements are key areas of interests of investors, banks, financial institutions and green energy buyers. On the other hand, the liberalization of legislature on wind farms is a chance for new wind installations in Poland and growth of green energy participation in the Polish energy mix.

We would like to thank our host mBank S.A for collaborating with us on this event.


Panel I: Development of PPA on the Polish Renewable Energy Market

  • Andrzej Nentwig, Partner, GNZ Legal
  • Maciej Grzesiewski, Investment Director, Erbud SA
  • Gracjan Grela, CEO, Hekla Energy
  • Krzysztof Kadłubowski, Lightsource BP
  • Bartłomiej Czuba, Deputy Head, Structured & Mezzanine Finance Department, mBank (moderator)


Panel II: Further Growth RES Market in Poland: New Legislation, Challenges

  • Christian Schnell, Partner, Dentons Europe Dąbrowski I Wspólnicy sp.k.
  • Adrian Góralski, Director, Equity and Debt Funding, V-ridium Power Group Sp. z o.o.
  • Filip Piasecki, Senior Associate – Poland, Aurora Energy Research.
  • Michał Swół, Senior Vice President, Asset Management and Financing, R.Power S.A.
  • Adriana Adamiak, Deputy Head, Structured & Mezzanine Finance Department, mBank (moderator)

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