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Upcoming Webinars

24 Jul Crowdfunding and its Potential for Funding Public Infrastructure

Regional Insights Series
Find out the prospects, opportunities and challenges this year might bring with our global market update series.
EP 1 | O-D Opportunities in Asia for 2019
EP 2 | O-D Investment Climate and Infrastructure Sector Outlook in Turkey
EP 3 | CEE
EP 4 | Middle East
EP 5 | Africa
EP 6 | Australia
EP 7 | Latin America

Infrastructure 2.0 Series
Looking at what’s next for the industry.
EP 1 | O-D Data Centres
EP 2 | O-D Digital Infrastructure
EP 3 | O-D Smart Cities
EP 4 | O-D EV Charging
EP 5 | Telecom Networks
EP 6 | Future of Financing
EP 7 | Low Carbon District Heating

Learning & Development Sessions
Training-style webinars focused on improving your soft skills and technical expertise.
EP 1 |  O-D Procurement Process for Infrastructure Projects in the US
EP 2 | O-D Fibre Networks 101 – What You Need to Know
EP 3 | Australia Bankability Series
EP 4 | Corporate PPAs
EP 5 | Battery Storage
EP 6 | Rail
EP 7 | ESG

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