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Upcoming Webinars

Regional Insights Series
Find out the prospects, opportunities and challenges this year might bring with our global market update series.
EP 1 | O-D Opportunities in Asia for 2019
EP 2 | O-D Investment Climate and Infrastructure Sector Outlook in Turkey
EP 3 | CEE
EP 4 | Middle East
EP 5 | Africa
EP 6 | Australia
EP 7 | Latin America

Infrastructure 2.0 Series
Looking at what’s next for the industry.
EP 1 | O-D Data Centres
EP 2 | O-D Digital Infrastructure
EP 3 | O-D Smart Cities
EP 4 | O-D EV Charging
EP 5 | Telecom Networks
EP 6 | Future of Financing
EP 7 | Low Carbon District Heating

Learning & Development Sessions
Training-style webinars focused on improving your soft skills and technical expertise.
EP 1 |  O-D Procurement Process for Infrastructure Projects in the US
EP 2 | 13 Jun Fibre Networks 101 – What You Need to Know
EP 3 | Australia Bankability Series
EP 4 | Corporate PPAs
EP 5 | Battery Storage
EP 6 | Rail
EP 7 | ESG

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