Working Groups

RAB Model

IPFA put together a working group to respond to the BEIS consultation on the vialibility of a ‘Regulated Asset Base’ (RAB) model for new nuclear projects.

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is seeking views from stakeholders on a nuclear regulated asset based (RAB) model and its high-level design principles, including the risk-sharing arrangements. The assessment concluded that a RAB model has potential to maximise value for money for consumers and taxpayers. Their consultation sought views from stakeholders on how a nuclear RAB model could be implemented, incorporating its high level design principles and possible approaches to risk-sharing, resulting in a low cost to consumers.

UK Infrastructure Finance Review

Invitation to respond:
As part of the government’s review of infrastructure finance, the HM Treasury and Infrastructure & Projects Authority have issued a consultation on how best to support private investment in infrastructure.

The review looked at the government’s tools for supporting private investment, and how they are delivered, in the context of the UK’s changing relationship with the European Investment Bank. The consultation ran for 8 weeks until the 5 June 2019 submission date.

Follow the link below to view IPFA’s response to the HM Treasury and IPA’s Infrastructure Finance Review Consultation.