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Our Future Leaders Network (FLN) is committed to supporting your professional development, providing you with the tools and skills to shape and progress your career. Through collaborations with members, we have put together a range of practical and technical training resources.

Listed below are both live and on-demand workshops, webinars and courses, offering tips and tricks to develop your financial modelling skills.

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On-demand workshops

Exclusive access to virtual workshops providing future leaders with essential online training. Click on a link below to watch the recording (please note, you will need to be logged in to your My IPFA account to access)

Financial Models in a Crisis –  Stress Testing the Model

Creating a Responsible Future – Sustainable Finance and ESG

Financial Models in a Crisis – Assessing the Impact Part 1 & Part 2

Best Practice in Operational Modelling

Essential Model Functionality for Powerful Transaction Analysis

Excel Shortcuts Wizardry for Financial Modellers

Essential Component of Infrastructure Analysis – Sensitivity Tables

What if..? Advanced Techniques for Performing Sensitivity Analysis in Excel Financial Models

Ask the expert

Hear from Rickard Wärnelid, Partner at Mazars, who we spoke to about professional tips on how to build your portfolio and approach people in the industry.

Essential Financial Modelling | Complimentary course

Provided by Gridlines 

We are pleased to share this comprehensive online course that takes you through building an integrated 3 statement financial model from scratch, based on a solar project investment case study.

You will learn the core financial model design and construction techniques every analyst should know as well as advanced financial modelling topics such as debt sizing, revolving credit facilities, and refinancing.

The course is available free of charge. For any questions, get in touch with Kenny at Gridlines:

 Please note, this link will take you through to an external site.

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