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Our ‘Future Leader’s Guide to…’ podcast empowers you to progress your career in infrastructure and energy. Through a series of conversations and interviews we will arm you with the tools to get you through the week as well as the skills to shape your future.

Building Resilience & Connectivity Series  

There is no better time to develop your soft skills, build self-resilience and learn how to develop client and personal relationships.

Podcast listener: “I am going to recommend it to my team to listen to as the tips are great – even if you kind of know them, hearing them again about setting boundaries and understanding our own presumption thinking is really helpful to hear again…”

  EP 1 The Here and Now  
In conversation with Ruth Cooper-Dickson, Champs. This episode talks you through pressure vs performance, understanding burnout and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our base-level anxiety. You will also learn how to add realistic and meaningful self-care practices to your mental wealth tool box.

  EP 2 Looking Towards Recovery
To become resilient we have to work through difficult, stressful, life changing or traumatic events in our life. We often loosely use the word resilience, yet there are 122 definitions of its meaning in academia, showing we can all evolve and become resilient in different forms. In the second part of our discussion with Ruth, we look to the future and talk through concepts such as growth mindset, grit and post-traumatic growth.

  EP 3 Growing Your Network During a Pandemic
In conversation with Peter Kane, The BD Consultancy. During these uncertain times, almost all gatherings are being cancelled and new ways of doing business are on the rise. So, how can you maintain and build working relationships without leaving your desk?

Released 26 May

  EP 4 Transforming Your Relationship Building Plan
The way that organisations build relationships and win work has been forced to transform. Many relationship and marketing plans that seemed strong on 1 March – are worthless today. In the second part of our conversation with Peter, we address the 5 ways you need to tilt right now – and how to do it.

Released 1 June

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