Series 3: Taking Control of Your Career... coming soon!

We're looking for podcast speakers!

Series 3 of our Future Leaders’ Guide to… podcast will be all about Taking Control of Your Career. We’re looking for expert speakers from around the world to be interviewed. Topics include:

– Shaping your Career Narrative
– Finding Out Your Strengths… And Using Them
– Developing Healthy Habits
– Preparing for Performance Reviews and Setting Personal Goals
– Changing Your Career Path

Series 2: Breaking Down Barriers

Amongst the many external challenges that we face, we also have to contend with our own internal
anxieties that can come with career progression, our day to day lives and the uncertainty of a crisis.


Building Confidence

In conversation with Kate Boorer, Young Professional Women Australia, and Fiona Pearman, Pearman & Partners.

The definition of confidence can be complicated, it is intrinsically linked with identity and can therefore mean different things to different people. Building confidence is a journey and isn’t something that can happen overnight, so where can we start?


Mitigating Unconscious Bias

In conversation with Rina Goldenberg Lynch.

Unconscious bias is generally understood to be a universal thinking, and can occur/materialise at unexpected times, impacting on how we interact with our colleagues and teams. Can unconscious bias be overcome or is it something we have to learn to mitigate?


Understanding Mindfulness

In conversation with Susan Peacock.

At a time where many people are experiencing pressure in a new environment, mindfulness has never been more important or more talked about. But how does this translate into a working environment, and how can you use it to your advantage to get the most out of your day?


Communicating with Different Personality Types

In conversation with Paolo Pironi.

Human beings are social animals, we succeed when we’re part of a group but if we aren’t communicating properly, we risk missing out on the potential of our colleagues or causing friction. We learn why it’s so important to be able to communicate with different personality types and how to overcome communication issues.


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

In conversation with Kiran Scarr.

We crave comfort in our lives because we associate this with safety and security, but actually it envelopes us in scarcity mindset. As soon as you place yourself in discomfort zone and embrace the adventure it brings – the opportunities for growth are boundless.


Influencing Corporate Social Responsibility

In conversation with Andy Lennard and Katy Beechey.

As Corporate Social Responsibility takes on a more central role in many organisations, we talk about why it is so important, what the future is for CSR in the context of a post-COVID world, and how you can get involved and influence your organisation to do more.


Embracing Impostor Syndrome

In conversation with Caroline Flanagan.

Impostor Syndrome can impact people at all stages of their career, and whilst it isn’t something that can be overcome, it can be embraced. Learn how to accept your Impostor Syndrome, in order to channel it into deliberate action to help you believe in yourself.


Creating Meaning at Work

In conversation with Joanna Dawson.

With so many of us working remotely, a lack of structure and social interaction can leave us feeling demotivated and exhausted. It’s time to take action to re-connect, re-frame and create meaning at work.

Series 1: Building Resilience & Connectivity

There is no better time to develop your soft skills, build self-resilience
and learn how to develop client and personal relationships.
Listen to the full series now.


The Here and Now

In conversation with Ruth Cooper-Dickson, Champs.

This episode talks you through pressure vs performance, understanding burnout and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our base-level anxiety. You will also learn how to add realistic and meaningful self-care practices to your mental wealth tool box.


Looking Towards Recovery

In conversation with Ruth Cooper-Dickson, Champs.

To become resilient we have to work through difficult, stressful, life changing or traumatic events in our life. We often loosely use the word resilience, yet there are 122 definitions of its meaning in academia, showing we can all evolve and become resilient in different forms. In the second part of our discussion with Ruth, we look to the future and talk through concepts such as growth mindset, grit and post-traumatic growth.


Growing Your Network During a Pandemic

In conversation with Peter Kane, The BD Consultancy.

During these uncertain times, almost all gatherings are being cancelled and new ways of doing business are on the rise. So, how can you maintain and build working relationships without leaving your desk?


Transforming Your Relationship Building Plan

In conversation with Peter Kane, The BD Consultancy.

The way that organisations build relationships and win work has been forced to transform. Many relationship and marketing plans that seemed strong on 1 March – are worthless today. In the second part of our conversation with Peter, we address the ways you need to tilt right now – and how to do it.


Adopting a Growth Mindset

In conversation with Carlo Pozella and Tom Burrell, Marsh. 

The importance of a growth mindset and the ability to adapt to changes has been highlighted as we navigate the new normal. In this episode we find out how a growth mindset can be applied through your everyday actions to positively impact your work and personal life.


Building Your Personal Brand

In conversation with Kate Boorer, Young Professional Women Australia.

Your personal brand can make the difference in helping you stand out from the crowd, especially during challenging times. We explore what you need to do to build an authentic personal brand, and how to communicate your message effectively to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there right now to achieve your professional goals.


Boosting Your Career Motivation

In conversation with Nomita Nair, Caxton & Co.

As we move into a ‘post-normal’ world, how can we remain motivated about our careers, think about new opportunities or prepare our careers? We explore these issues, challenge some of the assumptions that may be holding you back and suggest ways you can inject energy into your career and personal life.


Saying ‘No’ at Work

In conversation with Dominic Gaobepe, Cohesion Collective.

Saying ‘yes’ comes naturally to many of us, particularly in our professional careers, however knowing when to push back is key. Saying ‘no’ can have a positive impact on your work and life. We will be learning when you should be empowered to say ‘no’ and how to do it in the most effective way… but also when you should still say ‘yes’.

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