3-Hour Online Course | Rise

3-Hour Online Course | Rise

This course is organised by Core Confidence and endorsed by IPFA.

IPFA members attend free of charge.

When? Friday, January 20 2023, 8.30 AM AEDT,
Where? 3-hour interactive online course

We are excited to share an exclusive invitation for our members to Rise 2023. In this workshop, Australia’s leading confidence and career coaches and Authors of Core Confidence, Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman, will show you how to build your presence and gravitas in any situation, communicate with confidence and clarity, and adopt the practical mindset changes necessary to move your career to the next level in 2023!

Rise 2023 promises to support you in accelerating your career. They will bring together women across industries to share their stories, network and to back themselves no matter what challenges they encounter.

The key learning outcomes include:

  • Practical how-to’s – so that you can address the self-doubt that undermines confidence and effective communication
  • Being visible – how to speak up with confidence, and share your value with stakeholders who matter
  • Challenging with confidence – how to have the difficult conversations (the ones you’d like to avoid!)
  • Setting and enforcing boundaries – how to say No in a way that lands well
  • Creating the presence so it’s easy to gain respect and trust, which means you’re noticed, listened to and heard
  • Clarity – specific action steps to set you up

By the end of the masterclass, you will have a personalised action plan to step into your power with confidence and ensure that you’re seen and heard, that you’re recognised as a contender for new roles and project opportunities, promotions, secondments. So what are you waiting for?

Queries or questions?
Contact Kate Boorer at [email protected]

Please note: Core Confidence are managing the registrations for this course. By registering to attend you agree to share your contact details with Core Confidence.

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