Infrastructure 2.0 series

EP 1 | Data Centres

An overview of data centre demand drivers at a global level, including the increasing adoption of public cloud services by corporates.

EP 2 | Digital Infrastructure

This session looks at the four key sub sectors: Fibre, Mobile/ 5G, Data Centres and Submarine cables and show how each will grow and evolve as a result of increased digitisation and data consumption.

EP 3 | Smart Cities

Learn how new funding and finance models, private and public partnerships, and disruptive technologies are converging to help government leaders make smarter infrastructure investments that will build smart cities of tomorrow

EP 4 | EV charging

Key trends, opportunities and risks in EV charging infrastructure.

EP 5 | Crowdfunding and its Potential for Funding Public Infrastructure

This webinar reviews the key findings of the ‘Financing for Society’ report by Leeds University, and explores practical ways its conclusions can be put into practice.