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Infratech Webinar Series

Given the rapid evolution of technology over the last 30 years, it was only a matter of time for traditional infrastructure to become ‘digital’ and for digital technology to be considered ‘infrastructure’. When it comes to defining this, do assets even have to be physical, and to what extent can software demonstrate infrastructure-like characteristics?

Irrespective of labels, the demand for investable assets has increased and with that comes different risk profiles and models. So what do we mean by Infratech? Where are the opportunities and how can we get comfortable with the new risks?

This webinar series will provide a unique insight into the current trends and opportunities as well as examine how technology and infrastructure are converging to create worlds of the future.

The Next Frontiers of Technology in Infrastructure and Energy

Our keynote Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future, opens our Infratech Webinar Series by looking into how the current pandemic has masked underlying trends around the future role of advanced technology in both fabric and management of physical infrastructure and the energy ecosystem.

Data Centres: How Do I Connect to the Opportunities?

For a long time infrastructure investors have been circling the data centre space anxious to deploy capital into what, from the outside, appears to be a great opportunity not to be missed.

Digitalisation: Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery

The digitalisation of construction has been growing in recent years, only to be significantly accelerated during this pandemic. Over the next decade, digital solutions will enable us to plan and design infrastructure more effectively, at lower cost, with lower carbon emissions and increased asset lifestyle performance.

Big Data, AI and Infrastructure

“Infratech” is one of the more recent tech terms but it is right at the heart of at least two developments in modern society.  First – it relates to the infrastructure needed to give us the digital networks that increasingly underpin modern life.

Future Mobility – The Road to Impactful Infrastructure

From the need for new funding mechanisms for mobility infrastructure to the repurposing of petrol forecourts, car parks and the disruption of public transport; the future of mobility is having a significant impact on infrastructure.

Digital: The New Core Infrastructure?

Digital Infrastructure is now an essential component of any infrastructure portfolio. Now seen as more core than even certain regulated industries. Is that justified? Are investors properly pricing in construction and ramping up risk? What will be the impact of 5G? How are the listed corporates reacting to the disconnect between public and private valuations and how to explain the difference?

The Role of Digital in the Post-Covid Recovery of our Cities

The pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of working and spending that could lead to changes in city centres, retail, mobility and real estate. The need for a green and just recovery alongside considerable projected spending on green infrastructure in Europe, the US and China offers opportunities for innovation in cities to help meet these challenges.

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