Insights webinars

With an industry continually evolving we find ourselves faced with new and interesting challenges. Our insights delve into the latest issues that are affecting the industry, whether that is regional or sector specific, or trends that we are seeing across the world.

East Africa Landscape

An on-the-ground perspective of recent developments and changes and assess how lessons learned (both by the public and private sector) are shaping risk-allocation for the development of future project.

Belt and Road Initiative: Opportunities in CEE

A look at the opportunities and challenges associated with the BRI in the CEE region and insights into what the future might hold.

Tackling Climate Change – A Survey of 33 Central Banks

The report shows that most respondents now see climate risks as an important issue and acknowledge that a long-term response is needed.

Assessing Procurement, Risk Allocation and Delivery in Mega Projects

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Integrating ESG & Impact Investing

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Road Infrastructure in CEE and Turkey

This session provides the audience with a forum to exchange experiences and their understanding of the regulatory and economic framework for large road concession projects in the CEE (including Poland) and Turkey.

Active Asset Management

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