IPFA Webinar: Understanding the Procurement Process for Infrastructure Projects in the US

Date & time: 26 February 2019, 11am EST / 4pm GMT – find your local time zone here
Duration: 1 hour
Host: Elias Group LLP

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The Tools Required for Success

Making a correct, educated decision on whether or not to spend valuable resources to compete for a government sponsored infrastructure project is a challenging proposition that requires careful review of many factors. A project “go/no-go” decision can be particularly daunting to firms who are seeking growth opportunities in the United States, but have limited, prior, actual hands-on experience navigating a competitive landscape that may differ from state to state or vary with the particular delivery method selected. This webinar is designed to educate companies interested in pursuing infrastructure development or asset management opportunities in the United States about the typical government procurement process. The webinar will provide an introductory summary to common procurement models frequently utilized and will include specific examples and case studies highlighting typical qualification requirements, selection criteria, timeline, etc. Whether the decision is to pursue small or large infrastructure engagements either in the lead role or by participating in a more limited teaming partnership capacity role, this webinar will provide valuable overview of what to expect during the procurement process and immediately post selection.

Business development professionals and management personnel responsible for screening and responding to public procurements will find the webinar to be useful and informative.

Outline of Proposed Topics:
– Anatomy of a Typical Municipal Procurement Process (including Case Studies) in the U.S.
– Process Description, Process Management and Timeline (RFI, RFQ and RFP)
– RFQ Requirements – Minimum Tools Required to Compete
– The Proposal Process (RFP) and Selection Criteria Among Responsive Bids
– Grounds and Process for Reviewing or Challenging a Selection Decision
– Post Proposal Selection and Contract Negotiations
– Common Project Delivery Methods and Legal Barriers
– Infrastructure Project Finance Alternatives – Basic Principles behind Private Activity Bonds

Dan Elias, Founder & Managing Partner at Elias Group
Michael Siegel, Partner, Elias Group
Jay Fortin, Senior Counsel, Elias Group
Kurt Rieke, Senior Counsel, Elias Group

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