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Latin America Webinar Series

A region rich with opportunity but not without its political and economic uncertainty, navigating Latin America means understanding the nuances of 33 countries, their legislative and regulatory systems, the varying infrastructure needs, risk appetite and the investment landscape.

This webinar series will provide a birds-eye view of the region as well as deep-dives into individual countries at different stages in their development, giving members a comprehensive understanding of what it means to develop infrastructure in Latin America.

Latin America – Maintaining Sustained Infrastructure Development in an Era of Political Risk

With the level of perceived political risk on the rise, stakeholders must understand the implications and effects of recent trends on the Latin American infrastructure development outlook in both the short and long term.

Economic and Trade Impact of COVID-19 in Latin America

In recent weeks we have seen how Latin American countries have unevenly adopted measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. There is no doubt that many of these measures will paralyze wide economic sectors, meaning governments will need to take significant stimulating steps to boost their economies, maintain security and ensure social peace.

Project Finance in Chile: Present and Future

COVID-19 has posed significant challenges to ongoing projects in Chile, it will also set a trend for projects to come. Fiscal policies will focus on direct aid to reactivate the economy, leaving part of the scene to the private sector or PPPs to promote investment construction and infrastructure projects.

Sustainability in Infrastructure Projects in Colombia

Sustainability in infrastructure projects is a complex concept, and it is given not only by the country where the project is undergoing, but by the project itself, consumers and lenders. In this webinar, we discuss sustainable trends in conversation with experienced C-level executives in Colombia and abroad.

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