Latin America Webinar Series

A region rich with opportunity but not without its political and economic uncertainty, navigating Latin America means understanding the nuances of 33 countries, their legislative and regulatory systems, the varying infrastructure needs, risk appetite and the investment landscape.

This webinar series will provide a birds-eye view of the region as well as deep-dives into individual countries at different stages in their development, giving members a comprehensive understanding of what it means to develop infrastructure in Latin America.

EP 1 | Infra Development in an Era of Political Risk

Gain insights into the landscape of the Latin American infrastructure market as these political risk factors continue to spread and intensify

EP 2 | Economic and Trade Impact of COVID-19 in LatAm

Speakers discuss COVID-19’s impact in the region, the stimulus packages approved by the main economies and furthermore, they share their mid-term vision of the impact in the economies as a consequence of the sanitary crisis.

EP 3 | Project Finance in Chile: Present and Future 

Hear the lessons learned so far from the pandemic and take a look at what projects are more likely to be encouraged in the aftermath of the first COVID-19 outbreak.

EP 4 | Uruguay Outlook 

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EP 5 | Colombia Outlook 

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EP 6 | Brazil Outlook 

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