Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming an IPFA Member

How do I become a member?

To become a member of IPFA, please complete the membership form on the Join Us page. Once the completed form is received, an invoice will be raised in your chosen currency. The invoice will also give details of how to pay. Payment by credit/debit card is available but we cannot accept payment by American Express.

What are the benefits of joining IPFA?

Joining IPFA will enable your organisation to become part of an international network of the key public and private institutions active in the infrastructure and energy sectors. Membership of IPFA is on a corporate basis. This allows all your colleagues to make use of the benefits available, enabling them to fully participate in our events as delegates, hosts, co-hosts and as priority speakers, free of charge. View the full list of membership benefits.

What is honorary membership and who is it for?

State owned entities do not automatically qualify for honorary membership. Public sector membership covers government departments, local authorities and PPP Units, development banks, IFIs and export credit agencies. Organisations who operate as a commercial entity with their own profit and loss account and balance sheet would not qualify as honorary members and would need to take out a private sector membership in the region of choice.

My organisation is a public sector entity; can I apply for honorary membership?

Public sector organisations are entitled to join as honorary members, free of charge. To register for honorary IPFA membership, please visit the Honorary Membership page and complete the online form.

Do you provide membership for individuals?

Membership of the IPFA is only offered on a corporate basis. If you are a sole practitioner, please get in touch with our membership team directly to see how you can get involved. For more information about a membership that suits your organisation’s needs please contact the IPFA Membership Team.

Which category should I choose?

Membership is on a regional basis. The category you choose should reflect the region(s) in which you and your colleagues wish to make use of the membership and attend our events. You are able to combine regions or choose ‘Global Membership’ which provides access to all 100+ events we hold annually at a discounted rate. Explore your membership options.

How can I pay for my organisation’s membership?

Once your membership has been approved and an invoice has been sent, you will be able to pay for your IPFA Membership. Payment may be made by direct bank transfer (BACS), cheque (made payable to ‘Project Finance Association’) or by credit or debit card (excluding American Express). To make a payment by credit or debit card, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7427 0900.

Who can use the corporate membership?

Membership is offered on a corporate basis which allows all benefits to be extended to every employee of the member organisation.

Subsidiary or ‘child’ organisations may use their ‘parent’ organisation’s membership, as long as they are a wholly owned subsidiary and do not wish to be represented under a different organisation name or branding. Membership benefits such as hosting, speaking or facilitated introductions are not included.

A separate membership is required, if an organisation is partly owned / wishes to be represented under their own brand / or would like to benefit from the full range of membership services (hosting, speaking, facilitated introductions).

What are the membership terms and conditions?

You can view our membership terms here.


What is MyIPFA?

MyIPFA is a service specifically designed for members to allow them to update their individual profile, email preferences and automatically register for IPFA events. Members are able access to our comprehensive online archive of event presentations, industry documents, articles and reports. Register for MyIPFA.

What is the MyIPFA Dashboard?

The MyIPFA Dashboard is a useful way to view the current status of how you are using your IPFA membership, including;

  • The current mailing lists to which you are subscribed
  • Your organisation’s membership status
  • IPFA Events that you have attended or registered to attend

Visit your MyIPFA Dashboard after logging in.

My organisation is a member – how can I access MyIPFA?

Register for a MyIPFA account or, if you have a profile but have forgotten your details, please reset your password.

How can I update my organisation’s details on the members directory?

This can only be done by your organisation’s representative who has administrative access; this is usually the company’s main contact for membership. To make amendments to your company profile, please visit your MyIPFA Dashboard after logging in to change these details. If you would like to know who has admin access, please contact the IPFA Membership Team.

How do I update my individual profile and email preferences?

To update your individual details please visit your MyIPFA Dashboard after logging in. You can control what information you would like to receive from IPFA by subscribing to the relevant regional groups.

IPFA Membership & Activities

Where can I find out if my organisation is an IPFA Member?
For a full list of IPFA Members, please visit our Members Directory. For any further queries, please contact the IPFA Membership Team.

How do I use IPFA membership?

To ensure that your organisation is making full use of your membership, please view our Member Guide for full details of the benefits and activities available.

When is my organisation’s membership up for renewal?

IPFA Membership is on an annual basis which runs from 1 January to 31 December. IPFA will be in touch with the main representative contact from your organisation towards the end of the year with renewal details. If you would like to know who your organisation’s main representative is, please contact our Membership Team.

I am interested in hosting an activity.

Membership enables members to participate in our events and webinars as delegates, hosts, co-hosts and as priority speakers, free of charge. Please visit our Get Involved page for further information on hosting. This outlines the basics of hosting an event or webinar with us and should provide you with some information on the hosting process. We ask that all members agree with the principles contained in the document before proceeding.

I am interested in participating as a speaker at an event or webinar

If you would like to put yourself forward to speak at an IPFA event, please email [email protected]. We ask that you send us a short overview on your experience within the topic and what you would be keen to discuss at the session, along with a copy of your bio. We will then contact the hosting member for their thoughts and approval. Please note that due to the nature of our activities we cannot always accommodate and facilitate all speaking requests.

I am interested in attending an IPFA activity – how do I register?

If you would like to register for an IPFA event or webinar, please take a look at our global activities listings. Simply go into the chosen activity and complete the registration form. If you are an IPFA Member, please ensure that you are logged into the website as your registration will be processed and confirmed immediately. If you are not an IPFA Member, please see the question below.

I am interested in attending an IPFA event but am not an IPFA Member?

IPFA Events are intended for Members only. A free taster session is offered to any organisation that is not a member and has not attended an IPFA session in that region previously. A non-member that has attended an IPFA session or has declined membership must join IPFA in order to attend the event. You can check that your organisation is a not a member by searching the Members Directory. If not, please proceed to the chosen event and register through the online registration form. IPFA will be in touch to discuss this further with you.

How do I cancel my membership?

Unfortunately we are not able to refund any membership fees due to company policy. If you would like to cancel your membership, you can choose not to renew for the following year. Please contact the IPFA Membership Team if you have any queries or would like to make changes to your membership.

How do I contact IPFA?

Please click here to get in touch with IPFA.

Membership Fees

Where can I find out how much membership costs?

All membership fees are detailed on our website. IPFA Memberships run from January to December each year, although it is possible to join part way through the year. Private sector organisations pay an annual corporate fee. Public sector organisations are entitled to join as honorary members, free of charge. If you are a sole practitioner, please contact our Membership Team directly to see how you can get involved.

Communications & Personal Data

How can I sign up to receive newsletters and event invitations from IPFA?

Keep up to date with all our upcoming activities by joining our mailing list.

How can I stop receiving emails from IPFA?

You can edit your mailing preferences via your MyIPFA profile, whether you are a member or not. Members can also use MyIPFA to access members-only content. Further information on MyIPFA can be found in the MyIPFA section above.

Alternatively, you can email [email protected]. Find out more about selecting your mailing preferences.

How does IPFA use my data?

At IPFA, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and service users. For full details on how we use your data, please view our full privacy policy.

Learn more about membership

Take look at our membership pack which includes a full list of IPFA members, plus details of the benefits and membership categories available to you.