IPFA’s Mission Statement, Objectives & Core Values

IPFA’s Mission Statement & Objectives:

To promote and represent the interests of companies involved in energy and infrastructure projects.

IPFA’s Vision & Core Values: 

IPFA is dedicated to providing members with the highest quality networking opportunities and the most up to date information within the industry. IPFA strives to promote the industry by advancing and disseminating knowledge of a technical, economic and professional nature. Our aim is to promote best practice and know-how amongst members by forging closer relationships between public and private sectors, resulting in higher levels of cooperation and understanding.


  • To be independent and impartial
  • To be responsive to its members needs and suggestions
  • To engage the industry through access to a global knowledge base and networking system
  • To seek innovative ideas and solutions in the field of project finance, PPPs, infrastructure and energy sectors
  • To seek a balance of public and private sector perspectives
  • To exchange information with other organisations and institutions with similar interests
  • To represent the interests of the industry
  • To foster international relations through education and collaboration with international organisations

Core Values

  • Connecting: Encourage networking and dialogue between the public and private sector
  • Knowledge Sharing: Briefings and seminars provide up-to-date information on best practice, industry trends and new developments that can be immediately applied to projects
  • Influence: Working committees and steering groups to stimulate new ideas and examine key issues and concerns facing the industry
  • Forward-thinking: Shape industry trends to further enhance and improve future projects
  • Transparency: Represent the needs of the industry independently and impartially
  • Education: Provide access to training to ensure a deeper understanding of project finance globally