EDHECinfra: TICCS Consultation

September 10, 2019

TICCS was created in 2018 by EDHECinfra with the support of asset owners and managers to develop a common classification standard for the infrastructure asset class. The four-pillared classification system is designed to capture the risk characteristics of infrastructure investments, which can then facilitate the defining of strategies, products and benchmarks.

To ensure industry relevance, a global consultation and review of TICCS takes place every year. Recommendations provided via the consultation are reviewed by the TICCS Review Committee which consists of 16 external members representing asset owners, managers, lenders, and multilateral organisations.

The 2019 TICCS Consultation closes at the end of this month. Add your voice to this discussion on infrastructure asset classifications: https://www.research.net/r/TICCSconsultation2019.

You can read more about TICCS and download the current version here: https://edhec.infrastructure.institute/indices/investible-universe/ticcs/

If you have any questions regarding the consultation, please contact jing-li.yim@edhec.edu

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