Carlos Salazar

Senior Manager, PwC, Peru

PwC Peru Director of Corporate Finance, he was previously working as Senior Manager of the PwC Spain Capital Projects & Infrastructure practice.

Over 15 years of experience in conducting economic and financial consulting services in private and public investment projects.

Advise Private Sector in both, development and review of complex financial models, most of them within the Infrastructure sector, and advise clients on financial structures, viability, valuations, sensitivity and scenario analysis. Negotiation of terms and conditions with potential funders and capital market underwriters for project and finance. Advise private sector consortia on bid strategies and in the bid submissions.

Advise Public Sector in the development of feasibility studies for the different PPP projects in Europe and Latin-American markets, and the development of all the necessary documentation for the different infrastructure bidding process (roads, railroads, social infrastructures, telecom, etc.) to be grant by the Administration, taking into account the different problems arising due to the application of ESA-95. Assist the Public Sector in determining the best payment method for the different bidding process (shadow toll, availability payment, direct payment, etc.).

Financial modelling, development of complex financial models from scratch, most of them within the Infrastructure (transport infrastructures, such as roads, high speed rail, social infrastructure, such as hospital, etc.) and Energy sectors.

In the last five years he has advised and continues to advise the Peruvian Private Investment Promotion Agency (Proinversion) in the financial structuring of PPP projects such as: i) tender for the auction of 4G spectrum in the 1700 – 2100 MHz band, ii) tender for the operation (of non-medical services) and maintenance PPP contract for the National Children Health Institute – San Borja, iii) tender for the DFBOT concession of the Line 3 of the Lima Metro Network (ongoing), iv) tender for the DFBOT concession of the Tramo 4 of the Longitudinal de la Sierra (ongoing).

In addition, Carlos has provided financial structuring services for PPP projects in Spain and Chile in sectors such as High Speed Rails, Roads, Hospitals, Water Treatment, and Energy