The Hydrogen Economy – Is the Vision Still Relevant?

The ‘hydrogen economy’ refers to the vision of using this clean fuel to deliver a substantial fraction of a nation’s energy and services, decarbonising economic sectors such as mobility, residential heating, energy storage from intermittent renewables, and grid services. In recent years, there has been less talk of this all-encompassing concept and more activity in the areas of hydrogen production and individual applications.

In this session we will explore what forces have influenced this shift in focus, what lessons can be learnt from it and whether now is the right time to reconsider the benefits and implementation of the vision for a hydrogen economy.

Discussion points

– What was the intended vision of the hydrogen economy?
– Has there been any success in implementing the vision?
– Are hydrogen hubs the answer?
– Where should we go from here?


– Ian Sutherland, Senior Project Manager – Energy Transition & Hydrogen, Jacobs (Moderator)
– Dr Thomas Adams, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology  
– Salem Esber, Partner, PA Consulting Group
– Dr Fatemeh Rezazadeh, Vice President – Hydrogen, VARO Energy

This webinar is part of our global webinar series 30 MINUTES WITH… where we explore the latest developments in infrastructure investment worldwide.

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