Building Blocks of a Project – EP 1 | Insurance

For those Future Leaders wanting to begin the process of developing a broad understanding of how different parties approach and manage a deal, we have built a 4-part webinar series on the main considerations in building, negotiating, financing, and insuring a project.

Discussion points:

– Role of an insurance broker at each phase of a construction project and an overview of the relationship between broker and client

– Project specific insurance policy 101 (including stakeholders to each policy)

– Current and emerging risks in the insurance market as it relates to construction/infrastructure

– High level overview of the US Market vs other regions

This webinar gives Future Leaders a better grasp of the current insurance market, insurance requirements in a Project Agreement, including how to utilise their broker at each phase of a project, understanding insurance lingo, and emerging risks that might affect their business.


– Elena Theodoropoulos, Vice President, Marsh
– Jeff Farthing, Assistant Vice President, Plenary Group
– Wilson Ortiz-Vega, Senior Vice President, Marsh
– Juan Rodriquez, Head of Insurance, Ferrovial

EP 1 | Insurance

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