Building Blocks of a Project – EP 2 | Legal

With a global focus on public infrastructure modernization and energy transition, part two of our Building Blocks of a Project series focuses on assisting the Future Leaders Network in understanding project structuring as it relates to the infrastructure and energy sectors.

We often “inherit” legal and contractual project structures without a clear understanding of “why” a particular structure was chosen. This webinar actively engages FLN members in understanding the drivers involved in selecting the right project structure.

Discussion points:

– Advantages and benefits of the most commonly utilized project structures

– Tips and tactics from a risk spotting and structuring perspective

– High-level overview of different infrastructure and energy case studies focused on improving knowledge and skills that can be applied to future projects


– Marlowe Mitchell,  Managing Associate, Orrick

– Young Lee, Partner, Orrick

This is episode 2 of our ‘Building Blocks of a Project’ FLN webinar series. Watch episode 1 and see details of future episodes here.

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