EP 1 | The Resilience of Tomorrow, in… The Economy

We are facing increasing macro-economic challenges in a post-pandemic world which impact the way we live, do business and the wider infrastructure market. The drive to net zero, impacts of climate change, technology advances, rising inflation and political events are causing governments and market players to rethink their traditional strategies. What key considerations ensure the infrastructure that underpins our society remains fit for purpose, risks are managed, investment is secured and teams are skilled and scaled to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world?

This webinar is part of our global webinar series The Resilience of Tomorrow where we draw on the lessons of the past two years as we look to build a resilient tomorrow. In this episode, we discuss what can be done to maintain and deliver fit for purpose infrastructure in an increasingly challenging world.

Discussion points

– What are these challenges and their likely scale and duration?

– What is the likely impact of these challenges?

– What can be done to protect a competitive global market in the face of these challenges?

– How can we improve the resilience of infrastructure assets and supply chains?

– What should businesses be doing now to respond to these challenges?


– Mark Elsey, Partner, Ashurst (Moderator)

– Filippo Gaddo, Head of Resilience, Arup

– Anna Moore, Partner, McKinsey

– Julia Prescot, CSO, Meridiam

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The Resilience of Tomorrow, in... The Economy (EP 1)

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