What is the Value-Add of ESG KPIs? Valuations and Modelling Series (EP 4)

ESG is becoming a growing focus for many investors. But how does it really impact the reporting and valuation of their investments? Are there any opportunities to be had for infrastructure fund managers? Hear from valuation professionals and practitioners on how ESG factors into their day to day.

– Emma O’Hare, Associate Director, Net Zero Advisory Team, Grant Thornton (Moderator)

– Ellie McBride, Manager, Valuations & Modelling, Grant Thornton (Moderator)

– Faye Bennett-Hart, Chief Sustainability Officer, Rio ESG

– Josephine Bush, NED and ESG Chair of Next Energy Solar Fund PLC, Foresight Sustainable Forestry Company PLC and Vulcan Energy Resources

– Iliana Lazarova, Head of ESRG, UK Infrastructure Bank

This is episode 4 of our “FLN Valuations & Modelling” webinar series.

EP 4 | What is the Value-Add of ESG KPIs?

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