Argentina – Open for PPP Business

Argentina underwent a huge political and financial shift in 2016 with the election of its first Conservative President since 1916. With this election came major economic reform and a bold monetary adjustment aimed at attracting new international investors. None more boldly so than with the Ministry of Finance’s new PPP Plan. Modelled largely on other Latin American countries’ successes, the Plan will require a total of US$ 26 billion investment in energy, mining, transportation, communications and technology, and social infrastructure. With a comprehensive pipeline of 60 projects, large international investment will be required to fill the gap of local institutional investors. Given that the first stage of the plan is now well underway, with improvements and expansion to 3,400 km of six existing roads already tendered, Argentina is very much open for PPP business.

Tomás Darmandrail, National Director of the Executive Coordination of PPP Projects for the Argentinian Treasury, will provide IPFA members with a comprehensive overview of the Plan, explaining its risk structures, financing structures, how consortiums are selected and what the Argentinian Treasury requires from the international community. Join us on this webinar to learn about how the international community can engage in these plans.

This webinar is in English.

The slides from the Argentinian Treasury can be found in English and Spanish below:
Oportunidades de PPP en Argentina  – Estructura y Pipeline de Proyectos
Argentina PPP Pipeline and Structure

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