Climate Resilient Infrastructure and the Transition to Low Carbon Energy

Transitioning to low-carbon energy systems is essential in our search for a balance between human and ecological systems. As with all turning points, disruptions can occur, creating both threats and opportunities as required changes are implemented. In addition to the uncertainty that change brings, the spectrum of events challenging the energy sector is also evolving. Creating a system that can be relied upon to meet the daily needs of households, businesses, services, and government, while smoothly transitioning to a greener, more resilient future is fundamental.

Resilience must consider social, technical, and organisational components; taking a systems approach that acknowledges physical assets as well as the equal importance of leadership, policies, institutions, and social factors.

In this webinar, we discuss the energy transition and the need for resilience, and the potential effects on projects and investments.


– Caroline Field, Associate Director, Organisational Resilience Advisory UKIMEA, Arup (Moderator)

– Savina Carluccio, International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI)

– Lily Crompton, Sustainability Lead, Foresight Group

– Liam Goucher, Sustainability Specialist, National Grid


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