CO2 Trapped? Unlocking CCUS’ Potential with Private Sector Finance

An estimated +USD1200 billion of capital investment is required to achieve CCUS deployment at the levels required to meet the Paris Agreement’s ambitions. This level of investment cannot be funded solely by governments and businesses looking to deploy CCUS technology. Mobilisation of significant private sector investment is required. Before this can happen, however, policymakers must pave the way with effective business models to make meaningful private investment a viable commercial reality.

Join us as we discuss the opportunities that private sector finance offers to the CCUS industry, and the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face.


– Dalia Majumder-Russell, CMS (Moderator)
– Angela Hepworth, Drax
– John Scowcroft, Global CCS Institute
– Huw Williams, BEIS

CO2 Trapped? Unlocking CCUS' Potential with Private Sector Finance

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