Corporate PPAs – An Insight into European & US Markets

In this two-part webinar series, we bring together leading industry experts to navigate the legal, financial, and technical structures of CPPAs.

For the second episode, our expert panel provided an overview of some of the regional dynamics affecting CPPAs across key energy markets in the US & EMEA (UK, Germany, and Spain).


– Caroline Lytton, Head of the Sustainable Finance Unit, SMBC Bank (Moderator)
– Chris Bowden, Founder & Managing Director, Squeaky Clean Energy
– Marie Fagan, Chief Economist, London Economics International LLC
– Jorge Andrey Sterner, Partner, Schlaich Dauss, S.L.P
– Imre Vass, Partner, Our New Energy

This webinar is part of our global series Optimising Project Returns with Corporate PPAs, in collaboration with SMBC.

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