Energy Market Reform in Australia

Energy market participants will be acutely aware of the challenges the rapid energy transformation is posing for the energy regulatory regime. On the one hand, the regime was developed for the old paradigm, and is struggling to keep up with new market entrants that do not fit the same mould. On the other, participants are struggling with the pace of change, and to cope with a barrage of new regulation across all aspects of the market, both physical and financial. Added to this, COVID-19 is presenting new challenges for the industry ranging from supply chain issues to increased numbers of customers facing financial difficulty.

Hear from a panel of experts as to what the future of energy market regulation may hold, how the energy market transition will be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and whether there may be a better way to achieve change in an orderly fashion.


Anna Collyer, Partner and Head of Innovation, Allens
Lachlan Creswell, Executive Director and Head of Green Investment Group ANZ, Macquarie Capital
Suzanne Falvi, Executive General Manager Strategy and Economic Analysis, AEMC
Rachel Watson, CEO Australia, Pacific Hydro

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