Energy Storage in the Netherlands – The 3 Main Options

Concerns about climate change as well as fossil fuel usage restrictions motivate the transition to renewable energy. Most renewable sources however have an uncontrollable output and managing this variability is challenging.

Among several options for increasing flexibility, energy storage appears to be most promising. In this session the reasons for, and possibilities of, energy storage are set out. For the panel discussion we have invited three asset developers to represent the three most viable options for energy storage in the Netherlands, namely; Battery storage, Electrolysis resulting in hydrogen storage and Thermal energy storage.

The panel discussion addresses the differences between the three options in terms of technology and other bankability factors, but more importantly the similarities and possible lessons learned. Specifically, since the three options are currently still in different phases of development in the Netherlands.


– Diederik de Koe, Senior Infrastructure Capital Consultant, SWECO Capital Consultants (Moderator)

– Bert van Renselaar, Business Director Energietransitie, SWECO Capital Consultants

– Eiso Vaandrager, Co-Founder, Dispatch Grid Services

– André Jurres, Co-Chief Executive Officer, VisionH2

– Gerda Geerts, Co-Founder, HoCoSto

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