Energy Transition Policy – Role of Public Sector

On 20 April, KPMG hosted the second webinar in the IPFA’s Countdown to COP26 Webinar Series. The session, titled “Energy Transition Policy – The Role of Public Sector” brought together over 100 attendees from 33 countries to explore the role of the public sector in the global energy transition..

This session explored energy transition successes and failures; whether public sector should be leading the way on policy or if private sector should be; future policy development including the role of tax incentivisation in driving different behaviours on the energy transition and climate agendas; policy and mobilisation of capital; the role of public policy and innovation including what policies could be implemented to accelerate energy and climate innovation; and the interaction between the public and private sector discussing what actons could be taken to develop greater connectivity and collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Mike Hayes, Head of Renewables, KPMG (Moderator)
Michelle T Davies, International Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability, Eversheds Sutherland
Saurabh Kumar, Executive Chairperson, EESL Group
Dr Darryl Murphy, Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure, Aviva Investors

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