From Deal Making to Portfolio Valuations: The Role of Financial Modelling (Part 2)

A strong financial model is the foundation of a smooth and streamlined deal. This three-part series goes beyond the financial model template to explore how modelling can drive sound decision making, throughout the lifecycle of a deal, giving you confidence and protecting you from unexpected issues when it comes to executing the contracts and finalising the transaction!

Part Two: Financial Close – from a modellers perspective

– Rate setting protocols
– Who is responsible for what? Modeller, advisory, tax, accounting, model audit, commercials, legal, etc
– Minimising FC delays and building fit for use models
– “Dry run” of FC
– Managing stress, health, and sleep in the final stages of a transaction
– Model audit management, final steps
– Version control at crunch time
– What happens afterward?


– Michael Michaelides, Director, Mazars (Moderator)
– Tom Brichieri-Colombi, Partner, Mazars
– Maria Sukumaran, Associate Director, Mazars
– Jerome Brice, Head of Model Audit, Mazars
– John Yeldham, Head of Infrastructure Modelling, Mazars

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