How Do We Make Sustainable Infrastructure Projects Faster and More Cost-effective in Canada?

While often understood to mean environmentally sound, sustainable infrastructure also requires economical, social and technological qualities to achieve sustainability. In a context where provincial and federal governments wish to accelerate the approval and delivery of sustainable infrastructure projects to bolster the post-pandemic economic recovery, what challenges lies ahead and what solutions are to be found?

Our panel of industry leaders will discuss the complexity and the benefits of delivering sustainable infrastructure in an accelerated new normal.

Discussion points:

  • The impact of new legislations meant to accelerate infrastructure delivery (Quebec Bill 66, Ontario Bill 171)
  • The role of collaborative modes and project delivery methods to build sustainable infrastructure
  • Feedback on lived experience of accelerated projects and the use of current tools for future projects
  • The impact of Environmental resilience, Social acceptability, and Financial sustainability on project selection, acceleration and delivery


Paul Copti, Senior Vice President, Construction & Infrastructure, Marsh (Moderator)
Jacynthe Audette, Managing Director, Capital Projects and Infrastructure, PwC (Moderator)
Jean-Marc Arbaud, President and CEO, CDPQ Infra inc
Dale Clarke, President of Infrastructure Services, SNC-Lavalin Group inc
Janice Noronha, Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC

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