Infrastructure Investment Opportunity and Reform in Africa

In July 2018, the Global Infrastructure Hub—a G20 initiative—will be releasing two new reports that forecast the infrastructure investment need in 10 G20 Compact with Africa countries, and highlights the reform required to encourage greater investment. This webinar will share the findings from these new reports.

The new reports build on two previous studies conducted in 2017. Global Infrastructure Outlook forecasts the infrastructure investment needs and gaps at a sector level in electricity, telecommunications, airports, ports, rail, roads and water. It also analyses how countries are tracking to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for universal access to electricity, clean drinking water and sanitation.

InfraCompass explores the capability of infrastructure markets, and pinpoints potential areas of reform in policy and delivery that would attract greater private sector investment.
According to the Global Infrastructure Hub and EDHECInfra Annual Global Infrastructure Investor Survey 2017, 37 per cent of infrastructure investors invest in emerging markets. Of these investors, 82 per cent want to increase their investment.

This demonstrate a clear desire from investors to spend more in emerging markets. However, attracting private sector investment into African countries remains a major challenge.

Through these two new reports, we aim to help investors in Africa identify where the needs and opportunity are the greatest, and also assist governments and policymakers pinpoint the reform required to attract greater investment.


Steven Hong, Senior Manager, GI Hub
Brer Adams, Senior Director, Energy and Infrastructure, GI Hub


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