Infrastructure – The UK’s Road to Recovery

UK to “Build, Build, Build” – So what are the opportunities for UK infra market?

With signs that infrastructure could be at the forefront of a likely mini-budget from the UK government, Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman of Cicero/AMO in conversation with Ali Miraj, Director of Infrastructure Finance at ING, explore the potential policy options to stimulate the UK economy as it seeks to recover from the seismic impact of COVID-19.

Discussion points:

– What is the outlook for UK economic and fiscal policy given extraordinarily high levels of debt that will eventually have to be repaid?
– How has COVID-19 impacted government priorities towards infrastructure and energy, particularly in the areas of health, digital and transport?
– How will the geopolitical landscape, including the rising power of China, play out and what crossover does it have for the future of Britain and America’s ‘special relationship’? If Trump doesn’t win a second term, where will that leave Britain?
– As we emerge from the crisis what does this mean for the sustainability agenda and the future for net-zero infrastructure?


Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman, Cicero/AMO (Keynote Speaker)
Ali Miraj, Director, Infrastructure Finance, ING Wholesale Banking (Moderator)

For details of the original event, follow this link.

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