Investing in Africa: Perceived Risk or Real Risk?

This webinar looks to demystify investment approaches in Africa through the prism of a DFI, asset managers investing directly in debt and equity as well an institutional investor. We will consider the risk perception vs. actual performance for players active on the continent, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of investment goals, risk mitigation strategies and the key challenges faced.

Questions to be addressed include:
– How long does your investment track record in Africa go back and would you agree that the perceived risk is higher than what you have observed in your portfolio?
– What is your investment strategy and are you targeting achieving SDGs, maximising return, minimising losses and in what order?
– How does investment in Africa differ from investing in other emerging markets?
– What do you think should be done to bridge the gap between actual and perceived risk?


Chris Clubb, Managing Director, Convergence Blended Finance
Nadia Nikolova, Director, Allianz Global Investors
Olivia Carballo, Investment Director, Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, Investec AM
Ginette Borduas, ESG Compliance Officer, Meridiam

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