Leading Practices in Governmental Processes – Facilitating Infrastructure Project Preparation

The G20 considers project preparation a critical enabler of infrastructure development, as emphasised in the G20’s strategic roadmap to develop infrastructure as an asset class and the G20 Principles for the Infrastructure Project Preparation Phase.

The Global Infrastructure Hub has led the development of the Leading Practices in Governmental Processes Facilitating Infrastructure Project Preparation reference tool (in partnership with consultants, CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions Limited) to support the operationalisation of this crucial element. The guidance note provides a holistic assessment of important leading practices from a country-lens perspective, particularly regarding the enabling environment for project preparation (institutional arrangements and governance). The tool looks at good practices in 15 countries which are geographically and economically diverse, so that good practices and lessons learned from one country may be relevant and emulated in others. It focuses on various stages of the project preparation process, with a particular focus on the all-important upstream stages.

The reference tool is designed to be used by government policy makers and practitioners who wish to strengthen their processes to develop a sound foundation for project preparation. The Global Infrastructure Hub will also use the reference guidance to inform tailored workshops and discussions with interested national governments on future country engagements.

The tool acknowledges that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and does not provide a single methodology to undertake project preparation. Rather it is designed to provide illustrated guidance on the arrangements that have been found to provide a sound platform for project preparation and is backed up by real-life lessons learned in the case studies learned both at the national and sub-national government level.

This webinar aims to enable participants to understand and strengthen the foundations for enabling better infrastructure project preparation.


– Overview of the Project Preparation reference tool
– Guidance areas and key findings informed by country case studies


Morag Baird, Director, Global Infrastructure Hub
Stephanie Barker, Analyst, Global Infrastructure Hub
Anand Madhavan, Director Infrastructure and Public Finance, CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory

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