Managing Public Private Partnerships after Financial Close

While attention on PPPs and concessions often focusses on the ability to attract finance and achieve financial close, less attention is usually given to the subsequent management of projects through construction and operations. If the public is to receive the full benefit of the infrastructure services that PPP projects can deliver, governments need to pay close attention to contract management. This includes ensuring that PPP contract management teams are well-resourced, and that adequate training is provided to the officials responsible for handling both day-to-day management issues, such as performance monitoring and application of payment deductions, and the significant challenges that can arise with PPP projects, such as disputes and renegotiation.

The Global Infrastructure Hub has committed to delivering guidance that will enable governments to better manage PPP contracts after financial close. The aim of the PPP Contract Management Tool is to help governments identify leading practices in managing PPP contracts to successfully address the challenges that may arise throughout the construction and operations phases.

Working with Turner & Townsend, the Global Infrastructure Hub has produced an interactive online PPP Contract Management Tool based on real-life experience of PPP contract management from around the world. In developing the tool, a systematic approach was adopted looking at existing available literature, data on 250 projects and real practices adopted on 25 projects globally. Regional consultative workshops were held in three key regions with government participants from over 30 countries, along with other key stakeholders.

This webinar will focus on the importance of good PPP contract management and includes a detailed overview of the Global Infrastructure Hub’s PPP Contract Management Tool which is the first time an extensive analysis of this type has been carried out.


Morag Baird, Senior Manager, Global Infrastructure Hub
Jack Handford, Principal Advisor, Global Infrastructure Hub
Sacira Coric, Director, Turner & Townsend
Simon Durmanic, Senior Consultant, Turner & Townsend

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