Key Areas for De-Risking Offshore Hydrogen Projects in the Nordics

The energy transition is developing the electricity landscape in the Nordic region, which is driven by the ambitious national decarbonisation targets set by the Nordic countries, as well as the availability of more economical solutions.

The electricity generation mix is changing with more intermittent renewable generation and demand patterns are affected by electrification, urbanisation, new industrial sectors, sector integration, and the broader acknowledgment of hydrogen. There are already front-running examples of hydrogen initiatives in the Nordics, which have attracted the attention of investors.

While Nordic countries have the potential to become the first movers on the green hydrogen scene, there needs to be support both from the public and private sector and a clear project structure clearly mapping and tackling as many disks as possible. Our offshore experts discuss the ways in which careful project planning can assist in de-risking offshore hydrogen projects. 


– Laura Huomo, Partner, Bird & Bird (Moderator)

– Molly Iliffe, Principal Consultant in Hydrogen and Energy Transition, ERM

– Annette Nienhaus, Partner (Safety Services), ERM

– Lars Kyrberg, Energy & Infra Projects Partner, Bird & Bird

– Prakash Patel, Vice President, Marsh

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