Poland as a Future Leading Market for Data Centres

As the amount of data produced and processed increases, the necessity of storing them rises as well. Development of data centres becomes more and more important, and this sector is becoming larger every year. Although Poland is not yet a market as big as e.g. Germany, the upcoming years are expected to bring a significant increase in investments in data centres here, as our geographical and political capabilities may position us in the centre of CEE-based data centres, providing also the safety connected with storing data in the European Union.

The rising significance of matters related with sustainable growth and environment makes it also very important to consider this aspect of every infrastructural investment, therefore we expect a strong emphasis on constructing data centres that are in line with ESG rules. The so-called Green Data Centres are a topic already discussed and we have some first examples of such investments on the Polish market.

As international data centres investors are turning their attention to Poland and key operators already have their presence established on Polish market, we believe this is a turning point to engage parties from various entities in the discussion on the role Poland has to play as the potential European hub for the construction and maintenance of data centres here. A well-developed infrastructure allowing secure storage of data is a matter important for both private and public sector and we believe it is important to address this matter from multiple angles and perspectives.

Discussion Points:

– Discussion about the market – potential, resources, stakeholders

– Data Centres in a critical / crisis situations

– Green Data Centres

– Developing Data Centres infrastructure

– Financing of Data Centres

– Independence and security related to the data

– Will Poland become a European Data Centres’ Hub?



– Malina Jankowska, Director, PwC (Moderator)

– Anthony Day, Partner, DLA Piper

– Marcin Langowski, Project Manager, PORR

– Krzysztof Malesa, Member of the Management Board, Microsoft

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