Sustainable Finance and the Opportunities for Financing Social Infrastructure in Australia

Growth in sustainable financing has continued to exceed expectation. Over US$1.6 trillion in Sustainable Debt instruments were issued in 2021, with the total market now exceeding US$4 trillion as at 31 Dec 2021 as global markets shift their focus onto environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and integrating these into mainstream finance. The impacts of the global pandemic have brought sharp focus onto societal issues more broadly, with market participants increasingly looking at ways to address social (S) issues and channel capital towards the achievement of positive social outcomes. This has seen the evolution of social financing debt instruments across markets including social bonds, social loans and sustainability linked-loans with these rapidly emerging in infrastructure financing domestically and abroad.

Project financing of social infrastructure offers enormous opportunities for such sustainable themed financing, whether that be through Social Loans, Sustainability Loans or Sustainability-linked loans, utilising social KPIs and targets. Hear a panel discussion on this growing market, the opportunities and risks it brings with a range of leading market participants.


– David Jenkins, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, NAB (Moderator)

– Jon Evans, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

– Katharine Palmer, Executive Director, Strategic Balance Sheet Management, NSW Treasury

– Matthew Zwi, Principal, QIC Global Infrastructure

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