Sustainable Infrastructure Indicators: Mobilising Investment for a Sustainable Recovery

The response to the global pandemic and the need to shape a recovery that avoids a prolonged depression and delivers a sustainable future for people and the planet calls for urgent global action. Sustainable infrastructure can play a critical role for leading the transition towards more sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic, environmental, and social pathways. To mobilise investment at scale, public and private sector players are working on developing Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Indicators.

This panel covers the latest market updates and set a pathway to accelerate the ambition towards a sustainable economic recovery.


-Gian Franco Carassale, Chief of the Infrastructure & Energy Division, BID Invest (Moderator)
– Christian Deseglise, Head of Sustainable Finance and Investments, Global Banking and Markets, HSBC
– Fuat Savas, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan
– Sergio Forte, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Investment Banking, Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos, S.N.C

View IDB’s publication A Common Set of Aligned Sustainable Infrastructure Indicators (SII).

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Welcome | Mauricio Claver-Carone, President, IDB

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