The Role of Institutional Investors During a Pandemic

Resilient & sustainable infrastructure investment in emerging Asia and beyond.

Amid the severe fiscal strains of responding to COVID-19, investments in infrastructure assets have so far proven resilient. However, COVID-19 has clearly revealed the need for more resilient investment in this asset class and relevant sectors. It has also underscored the need to tap more innovative financing to reach the Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries.

Governments were forced to respond rapidly with huge fiscal stimulus packages to support economies and vulnerable sectors. The urgent need of Asian developing countries’ sustainable infrastructure investments will further help recovery and cushion economies against future disaster and pandemic events.

Nonetheless, the unprecedented spending of these last few months, and the uncertainties ahead, limit governmental budget and debt servicing capacities and will likely weigh on private sector investment incentives and decisions for sustainable infrastructure.

Hear what is needed from the perspective of Institutional investors, the insurance industry and rating agencies to establish an enabling ecosystem to overcome long-standing obstacles and unlock greater private sector financing.

Discussion points:

– Availability of government resources for such investments
– Impact of the pandemic on the risks associated with infrastructure development
– Responses of stakeholders to these challenges
– Ideas that help sustain the financial response to this crisis


Jackie B. Surtani, Director, Infrastructure Finance Division, Private Sector Operations Department, ADB (Moderator)
Mark Houghton, Head of Global Political Risk, Credit & Bond, Asia Pacific, AXA XL
Rowan Douglas, Senior Director, Head Climate and Resilience Hub, Willis Towers Watson, Chair of the Operating Committee of the Insurance Development Forum (IDF)
Anita George, Executive VP & Deputy Head of CDPQ Global, CDPQ
Sonali Tang, Regional Director, ADB Singapore Office
Tracey E. Flaherty, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Public Affairs, Natixis – Chair of Investor Leadership Network (ILN)
Ray Tay, Senior Vice President, Public, Project and Infrastructure Finance Group, Moody’s

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