UK Net Zero Infra Investment Through Low Carbon Contracts

The UK government has set out the importance of its green agenda through the publication of the 10 point plan and the Energy White Paper in 2020.  In these challenging times, “build back greener” is set to be the strategy that will build a better economy. Key events such as COP 26 will further demonstrate UK’s commitment.  The CfD has been able to secure investment into low carbon electricity in Great Britain, enabling consumers to benefit from recent cost reductions in offshore wind.

In this webinar, our panel discussed the value of the CfD and how this mechanism could assist in further cost-effective investment in technologies that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions such as CCUS and hydrogen.


– Ruth Herbert, Director of Strategy and Development, Low Carbon Contracts Company (Moderator)

– Will Lochhead, Deputy Director, Industrial Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Business Models, BEIS

– Dr Chris Manson-Whitton, Director, Progressive Energy Ltd

– Alex Coulton, Head of Policy & Insights, Low Carbon Contracts Company

– Katherine Peachey, Head of Structured Finance, Equinor

Key Takeaways

On Demand Webinar

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