US Renewable Energy Market Outlook for 2022

The transition to Renewables is underway and positioned to accelerate. Global renewables have outpaced the growth of electricity generated by traditional sources over the past decade by 8x and expanding renewables’ share of global electricity generation from 20% in 2011 to 29% in 2020. Spurred by opportunity and supportive policy, private and public sector investment poured into renewables, driving economies of scale and innovation for key technologies.

Our panel of experts provides insights into:

  • the latest project developments and opportunities within the US Renewable market
  • value chain of the sector
  • emerging industry trends,
  • the impact of renewable projects in different States
  • technologies used for renewable generation
  • projects and investments in the US by private capital and independent oil and gas companies



– Clyde E. Rankin, III, Partner, Baker & Mckenzie LLP (Moderator)

– Mark Raventos Agusti, Director of Business Development, Acciona Energy

– Jose Moran, Partner, Baker & Mckenzie LLP

– Iti Jain, VP, Private Equity, Siemens Financial Services

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